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And they meet again!

Sawyer: *sweet as that taste was, it wasn't enough to really feed, so hunts and kills quickly, it's creeping up on dawn, and gets back to his hideout, a shitty basement apartment with lots of locks on the door and blackout curtains triple thick on the solitary window. As soon as the sun's below the horizon is dressing to kill (pun... well, ignore the pun actually), black cowboy shirt with just the right amount of buttons forgotten, low-slung jeans. Doesn't bother to wait by the streetlight, just waits outside the hospital, hiding himself when Jack comes out, and following him. Can see the spring in Jack's step, and would laugh if he weren't so fucking horny. Full of lust for things Jack doesn't even know yet*

Jack: *looking forward to meeting Sawyer, even as he's cursing himself for being a total and complete idiot. He should just go to the Casbah, find some twink, and take him in the backroom. Safe, predictable release. Not mysterious strangers who so perfectly match Jack's desires*

Sawyer: *follows Jack back to their streetlight, staying in the shadows, just watching. Because he's an ass like that*

Jack: *reaches the streetlight and when he sees that Sawyer's not there, he smiles with wry self-derision, shaking his head slightly. A repeat was definitely too good to be true despite all his misgivings. Still, Jack'll wait a little, even though he's sure he's going to feel like an idiot doing so*

Sawyer: *smirks to himself, waits just long enough to get antsy, then steps out of the shadows, quiet as a cat* Boo. *wicked, wicked grin*

Jack: *jumps, then grins when he sees Sawyer. He quickly suppresses the smile, but his eyes can't hide either his pleased surprised or his intense desire* Hey.

Sawyer: *rides Jack's surge of pleasure with a purr, eyes slitting closed* What, scared I wasn't comin'? *drawled out, smirking*

Jack: *shakes his head, smirking a little himself* I was sure you were going to come, just wasn't certain whether it was going to be with me. *Jack's heart's beating faster, his temperature rising, and already his cock's thickening from his anticipation*

Sawyer: *laughs, a bright, happy sound, pure southern charm, at odds with all the darkness* How far to your place, Jackass. *steps closer, eyes going dark*

Jack: *doesn't move, but his breath turns ragged* About thirty minutes. *pause, and because Jack's just that impatient, he counter offers* There's a hotel two blocks from here.

Sawyer: *ghosts past Jack, close enough the fabric of their shirts brushes, but nothing else. Just heat* What're you waiting for? *voice thick with need, even though he's still smiling, feral and hungry*

Jack: *raises his eyebrows* Well, I was waiting for you. *smartass huff of laughter, then he's catching up to Sawyer as the walk side by side to the hotel. Jack can't help a sideways glance at the man beside him. Fuck, he is hot. Jack hadn't misremembered at all. Far from it. And damned if that shirt didn't do it for Jack, and Sawyer's legs. Jesus, they went on for forever. Jack checks them into the hotel, shrugging off the receptionists disapproving frown with casual disregard. Jack really doesn't give a fuck what she thought. Jack leans against the counter and looks over his shoulder to catch Sawyer watching him. He especially doesn't care when he's got him waiting for him. Jack takes the two keys, and without rejoining Sawyer heads directly to the elevator*

Sawyer: *dimples at the receptionist, because he can* Hey there Freckles. *ignoring her name tag entirely* We'll need it for tonight and all day tomorrow, so go ahead and sigh us up for a late checkout. Or, hell, two nights. *And then he just watches Jack walk to the elevator with an appreciative hum. Fuck, that man's legs. His shoulders. A wink for the receptionist, and he's sauntering after Jack, an easy, predator's gait. Before the elevator doors even close, cups the back of Jack's head with his hand and pulls him in for a slow, hungry kiss*

Jack: *groans into the kiss, and wraps his fingers around Sawyer's hips, jerking him against him, then grinding hard. If they were a few floors higher, Jack'd be seriously tempted to fuck Sawyer here, but they're not and the elevator's pinging to announce their floor and the doors are opening. Jack walks Sawyer backwards out into the hall, only breaking the kiss long enough to figure out which way they need to go to reach the room*

Sawyer: *grinds back brutally, then walks backwards to their room, whirling Jack and pinning him to the door long enough to fumble the door open, practically falling through. Fuck. He's been playing a lot since he was turned, and no one's pressed his control as much as Jack, no one's lit this fire in him.* Want to taste you *growled out, walking backwards and falling onto the bed, pulling Jack on top of him*

Jack: Fuck yeah. *kisses Sawyer hard, thrusting against him, wanting to be inside him right the fuck now*

Sawyer: *not practically, is tearing clothes in a desperate, needy effort to get them both naked and right the fuck now, grappling with Jack and Jack's jeans and doesn't need the light so doesn't bother with it, because he sure as hell doesn't trust his control right now. And fuck, sucks in a hissed breath, Jack's got art, primal and wild, all over his arm. Groans and laps up from Jack's inner wrist to the crease of his inner elbow, broad and wet*

Jack: *whimpers and takes over trying to get them naked and naked right now when Sawyer gets distracted by his ink* Later. Later. *because while fuck his tongue feels good against his skin, Jack wants sex nownownow. Retrieving lube and a condom, Jack straddles Sawyer, rolls the condom on him, and then gives himself the most minimal of prep before he's sinking down with a loud painperfectpainpleasure groan*

Sawyer: *sharp, high cry, hips thrusting up sharply, hands going to Jack's hips and finding the crescent moon cuts from last night, digging in. head falls back, mouth open, and it's a good thing the room's dark, because his fangs are flashing* FUCK!

Jack: *fucking himself on Sawyer hard and fast, no control, no restraint, just clenching, rocking, riding, stroking himself with a brutal grip* Yesssss! *and Sawyer's fingers are digging into his hips and Jack's almost crying from the overwhelming intensity of everything*

Sawyer: *high, keening moans, meeting Jack thrust for thrust, feet braced on the bed, smells blood, smells sex, smells Jack, can taste it all in the air, and leans drags one hand off Jack's hip to stroke Jack brutally hard, nails and roughness and need* Come Jack *guttural, pleading*

Jack: *cries out because Sawyer's touch is all it takes for Jack to shatter around his cock as he comes hard enough to black out, collapsing on top of Sawyer*

Sawyer: *is coming shatter, break apart hard before Jack's even fallen, and sits up sharply to hug Jack to him, sink his teeth into Jack's neck and suck hard, an aftershock so intense it may as well be a second orgasm ripping through him at the first taste of Jack's blood on his tongue. Falls back to the bed, holding the shattered man close, almost destroying himself to stop from taking too much, pulling away before Jack comes back to himself. Lays there swooned with the doctor, tongue curling lightly over the marks on Jack's neck, hands still playing over the marks on Jack's hips*

Jack: *WTF? comes to feeling absolutely fantastic, but his throat.....fingers come away bloody, and he looks at them puzzled before licking the blood away* You bit me. *not judgmental, because.....fuck....Jack's feeling fine, but confused*

Sawyer: *chuckles, nearly a purr, a kind of satiation that's beyond sexual, beyond even what he's fed on before. So incredible, and fuck, his eyes go golden all over again when jack licks his fingers. Oh yeah, just a matter of time. And that tone in Jack's voice pleases him to no end, not freaked at all. This is going to be fucking perfect* Yeah, I do that sometimes. *casually, catches Jack's hand and tugs it to his mouth, low hum as he licks Jack's fingers clean, and then his tongue. Gently rolls them to the side, pulling out with a soft sigh, then a smirk* I think you said somethin' about later... *stretches Jack's arm out and examines it, from the wrist and working up, and this giving him a fine excuse to examine Jack's shoulders, which were beyond fucking gorgeous. Mine, he thinks.*

Jack: *lightheaded and blissed out, but not totally unobservant* Good night vision. *wry observation turns into an almost pout* Want to see you too. *Fuck does he ever. Sawyer's skin felt so good under his hands. Disengaging enough to switch on a mercifully dim bedside lamp, Jack gasps at the expanse of creamy skin revealed. And the musculature. Let's not forget the musculature. By the time he's pressed back against Sawyer's side, Jack's already envisioning mapping the other man's entire torso with his tongue. For now though, he lets his eyes do the work as he allows Sawyer the luxury of examining Jack's body at his leisure*

Sawyer: *chuckles, and makes a leisurely examination of Jack's body, a slow several-times over of an eye-fucking and roaming hands. Thinks it's a little strange, that three years without sunshine and he's still faintly golden, hair highlighted. And Jack's pale, two neat puncture wounds on his throat, looking like he never sleeps, intense and fucking gorgeous. Who's the vampire here? Sawyer lets his hands follow his eyes lazy smile tugging at his mouth. Sated, but fuck, only for the moment. Jack is a fucking addiction.* Like what you see? *Smug, and dangerous, because he already knows the answer*

Jack: *small, dark smile* What do you think? *pushes Sawyer onto his back again, wipes him down with his discarded undershirt, then leans over flicks Sawyer's nipple with the tip of his tongue, looking up at the man, his smile widens* Hope you don't mind....I have a bit of an oral fixation. *starts mapping Sawyer's muscles varying the length of his strokes from tiny kitty licks with the tip of his tongue, to broad swipes with the full flat. He moans as he moves further down, tasting the remains of his come, inhaling Sawyer's own musky scent. Such beautiful silky skin, surprisingly cool to his touch, then again Jack feels like a furnace, burning with his hunger for this man.*

Sawyer: *chuckles darkly* Me too, doc. *moans softly, hand running over Jack's head, the prickle of short hair, the fucking inferno-heat of his skin.* Feel free to put that fixation to use *a wicked, wicked smile* I won't stop you. *Fuck, Jack's already pushing his control. And he wants to get doc good and addicted before he shows his true face, makes his offer, makes Jack beg for it. Sweet fuck. Runs his hand down Jack's neck, over the bite-marks. He's going to notice soon enough those aren't normal for a hickey, but Sawyer can delay that a little longer at least*

Jack: *hums* Good. *bites down hard on Sawyer's hip bone, then sooths it with his tongue, eyes laughing as he watch's the other man's reaction. He nuzzles the base of Sawyer's cock, but doesn't take Sawyer into his mouth. No matter how tantalizing the prospect, Jack has another destination in mind.* Then you won't mind if I tell you to turn over.

Sawyer: *arches, mouth open on a dimpling, airless gasp at the bite. Fuck he wants this man. Wants to suck him dry, and then have Jack do the same to him.* More of that oral fixation, huh Jackass? *Like he doesn't know Jack wants to fuck him, that he's alpha as they come. Part of what's so damned intriguing about him. And it's not like Sawyer couldn't break his neck without blinking if Jack tried anything. He's allowing it, and fuck but it's going to feel good*

Jack: *When Sawyer turns over, Jack runs his tongue over the sweet curve where thigh meets ass, then sighs in appreciation at the dimples at base of his back. So fucking gorgeous. Jack tongues the indents, then parts Sawyer's cheeks, working his way down his crack until he reaches his destination. He moans hungrily when he swirls his tongue over Sawyer's entrance, not yet pushing in, just teasing. And he'll keep teasing until Sawyer's writhing beneath him, begging him for more*

Sawyer: *shifts, nearly growls. Fuck. Cockteasing bastard doctor. His growl's got a note of not-quite-human threat in it, and he shoves his hips back impatiently.* Jackass. *growled out, drawing his knees up a bit, clawing at the sheets. They're going to destroy this fucking room, the bed, especially, and definitely the sheets. Especially if Jack doesn't hurry up and DO something. Sawyer's starting to swear softly, then more angrily, and even though he knows that he could pin Jack in a human heartbeat, can't help but thinking of how this will be when they're a match in strength, when they don't have to be careful at all. Well, he won't at least. Because he will have Jack. Doesn't care to examine why, but he's always been able to get what he wants, and he definitely wants Jack*

Jack: *loves the growling, adores the swearing - because fuck what a voice made all the more amazing by that accent. Jack's tempted to keep pushing to see what Sawyer'll do, to see what will make Sawyer break, but Jack's so turned on, and humping the sheets is so inadequate, that Jack gives in, gets a condom, and slicks Sawyer hard and fast before slamming in with his own triumphant growl*

Sawyer: *is just allowing this because he can, because Jack feels so damned good, because oh fuck, can't think, can't breathe. Burns so good, and has to bury his face in the pillow because no way can he hide that he's out of control, clawing at the sheets, the mattress, anything.* FUCK! *nearly a howl, pure need and pushing back. Thinking of when he can do this to Jack, slam him down and hard, no holding back and oh god Jack filling him up, burning like the fucking sun that he can't resist trying to touch sometimes* Harder! *not a request, in fact, there's a strongly implied threat there*

Jack: *Can do harder, god, yes. Especially since Sawyer's not complaining at his rough treatment, and yes that in and of itself makes harder not only a demand but utterly imperative. Jack fucks hard and deep, and fast. Too fast always too fast so desperate for this man so utterly fucking in sync head over heels so fucking fucking good.* Yes! *more a grunt than an agreement* Touch yourself. *because Jack's going to come soon and god damn but when has it ever been this good?*

Sawyer: *growls* You do it. *Because he's not about to let Jack boss him around, no matter what. Lifts his hips higher, so Jack can fuck him just that little bit harder, and can touch him, because he just doesn't do what he's told. Especially not now. But oh god, Jack's pounding into him hot and hard and brutal and he wants Jack's teeth on his neck, drawing blood, but can't lift his face from the shredded pillow and fuck fuck fuck*

Jack: *groans because the change in angle makes it possible for him to go that much deeper, so he drapes himself over Sawyer's back, and starts to stroke him with a rough fist, probably squeezing him too tight, but that's how Jack likes it. And Jesus, Jack's grunting almost non-stop from the effort he's putting into fucking Sawyer and he's so so so goddamn close*

Sawyer: *comes with a high, keening noise, unearthly and desperate, shattering. But keeps meeting each of Jack's brutal thrusts, clenching vise tight around the other man, dragging him along with a snarl*

Jack: *a last brutal thrust and comes with a silent howl as Sawyer clenches like the devil around him*
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