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Going to Caritas

Sawyer: *after a leisurely afternoon round of destroying the loft fucking on every available surface, is curled up on the tipped over couch with Jack, purring contentedly, arms around his childe. His internal clock tells him the sun's set, and even though he could happily stay like this, Jack's rumbling, loud purr wrapping around them like a blanket, he has other plans for the evening. Runs his hand down Jack's back, own purr getting louder at just how good his childe's skin feels under his back, then swats Jack's ass playfully* Alright doc, time to get up and get dressed, we're wasting darkness. *'cause they've certainly got daylight to burn*

Jack: *happy, sated, fucked out for the moment* What've you got planned for tonight? *grins, curious what his very creative lover's going to come up with*

Sawyer: *grins* first, we're gonna get you into some pants so tight I'm gonna shred'em gettin' them off you later, and then we're gonna go visit a friend of mine. *and then Jack's going to sing karaoke, and Sawyer's going to laugh his ass off. He's a bad man*

Jack: *teases* Well, there goes wearing my kid skin leather trousers. *but he's gotta confess he's curious about Sawyer's friend*

Sawyer: Mmm no, keep those. I don't think we'll be able to get there otherwise *wicked grin* Go on *swats at Jack's ass again, because he enjoys it* We can get dinner on the way. *Probably more of a snack. They like savoring their dinner*

Jack: *gets up and saunters to the closet, making sure to put a bit of a swing to hips. Looking through the clothes, Jack chooses a pair of black trousers that ride low on his hips and are cut high in his crotch. Over that he pulls on a loose dark red sweater that shows off his shoulders, but only hints at the musculature of his torso*

Sawyer: *gets up and follows, ogling Jack blatantly, and shooting his childe an approving smirk at his choice of clothing. Dresses in low slung jeans, worn thin and faded, fitting like a second skin and a black cowboy shirt, unbuttoned enough to reveal a triangle of pale golden skin above his jeans. Tosses Jack a leather jacket. Even if they don't need it, the night's cool, and they're blending in. Until they get to Lorne's, of course*

Jack: *mouth waters at the sight of the triangle above the jeans. He loves touching that spot when they're out seducing their dinner. He loves licking it when they're done. And licking leads to blowing, and fuck, Jack loves blowing Sawyer. It goes against his childe's instincts to torture Sawyer like he'd have done when still human as a dom, but driving his sire wild with a torturously thorough blow jobs is a pretty fine substitute*

Sawyer: *knows what that thin strip of flesh does to Jack, and smirks.* C'mon. You keep looking at me like that and we're never going to get there. *not that Jack knows where 'there' is, of course.*

Jack: *lifts his eyes to meet Sawyer's, smiling widely* Don't tell me I've worn you out? *but he puts on his jacket and behaves for the moment*
Sawyer: *laughs* Not a chance, Jackass. But the place fills up early, specially now that the sun's down, and I don't want to have to wait in line. *Is supremely confident that Lorne's going to tell them both what he already knows. That Jack is his, and their paths are stuck together for a hell of a long time*

Jack: *purrrrrrs* Good. So which car are we taking?

Sawyer: *loves that purr, and lets his eyes wander over the harem* The ferrari. *Because, yes, it was that poor schmuck's fault that he didn't lock the garage.*

Jack: *rolls his eyes, teasing, but very fond* So subtle. *but he gets into the passenger seat without a complaint, and its true, he does stroke the leather seats when he gets in - what? It's not his style, but the leather does feel good!*

Sawyer: *snorts* I don't do subtle, doc. *smiiiiirks* I do fast. *and he does, making his not-so-favorite baby (Jack coming first second and third), growl and purr, and then flicks on some sunglasses, because he ain't subtle either, parking outside the already hopping club.* Well? We're here. *grins wickedly*

Jack: *loves that Sawyer's not subtle, adores the fact that he does fast, and not so secretly gets a hard on from watching Sawyer drive. The club, though, the club's something else. Demons openly walking in and out of the place. Jack's still floored by the whole other world that he's finding out exists. He tries not to gape like a tourist, but he's sure that Sawyer knows exactly how Jack's feeling - and is silently laughing his ass off at Jack's reactions*

Sawyer: *is silently laughing his ass off, but Jack's also his childe, and he's got some incredibly protective instincts that go with that. So he gives his lover a wicked grin, smug because he knows exactly what Jack's feeling, then slings his arm around Jack's shoulders and leads them inside, steering them straight for the Host* Hey there Kermit *Sawyer? Avoid nicknames? Never* This is Jack. *Pride, affection, arousal all shining all over his face as he shoots a smile at his childe*

Jack: *leans into Sawyer's embrace and slides his hand into the back pocket of those sinfully tight jeans. Though he's got to admit, to himself at least, that he's glad for Sawyer's support when he sees some of the patrons - talk about fugly! And then the tall green guy who looks like some disco refugee - but in green! with horns! Still, Jack's got some manners. He gives the demon one of his more charming smiles* Hello.

Sawyer: *chuckles at Jack, tightening his arm around his childe, and isn't that smile just positively fuckable*

Lorne: *looks slightly disgruntled at the 'kermit', but then looks at Sawyer, at Jack, and laughs* I told you there was something big on the horizon last time, didn't I. Well, let go of him long enough for me to get a good look.

Jack: *Doesn't like being talked about as if he weren't there. So he drops his leans his head against Sawyer's and rubs his cheek against his sire's hair even as he rather possessively tightens his arm around his waist*

Sawyer: *snorts at Jack's possessive body language, and strokes his childe's side soothingly* You'll do a reading on him, right? *gives Lorne a very charming, dimpling grin*

Lorne: Of course I will Dimples. *blithely ignores Sawyer's glower, nickname for nickname* And I don't need to do one for you, it's written all over your face. *ignores Sawyer looking surlier still, and tightening his arm around Jack's waist with an almost growl*

Jack: *tries to swallow the smirk, because it's true....they're both glowing just a bit. Happiness, nonstop fucking, and some very pleasurable dinners will do that for a vamp. But although Jack finds surly Sawyer utterly adorable, he plasters himself even more tightly against his mate, and asks in his mild doctor voice* What does a reading entail?

Sawyer: *laughs, Lorne can definitely take this one*

Lorne: Oh, let me guess, he didn't tell you. *rolls his eyes at Sawyer, who's almost giggling* First, you're going to have to detach yourself from his... hip. *grin* And then you're going to pick out a song.

Jack: A song. *feeling suspicious, but managing to keep the mild manner mask on*

Sawyer: I think I'll just leave you two to chat. Gonna go grab us a drink. *because he'll protect his childe against anything at all... except possibly singing in front of a crowd. And he's not going more than ten feet away from Jack anyway. Ever.*

Jack: *glares at Sawyer's retreating back*

Lorne: *wide smile* That's right, a song. Sawyer didn't tell you this was a karaoke bar, I'm assuming. *waits until Sawyer's involved in talking to the barkeeper to give Jack a wry smile* So I take it you're the reason he hasn't been taking up room in my bar, these days.

Jack: *raises his eyebrows* No, he didn't tell me it's a karaoke bar. *and he's going to torture Sawyer for that particular omission when they get home. But that's between him and his sire. So he smiles again and it contains just a hint of smugness* We've been a little busy.

Lorne: I'll just bet you have *bit of a leer* How did you two meet?

Jack: *soft snort, but an underlying smile* How do you think? He was looking for dinner and I'd just finished a rather trying day at work. *he shrugs and smiles a little more widely* We ended up having sex in an alley, and for some reason he spared me. We did make a date for the next night though.

Lorne: And I'll just bet I know why *murmured, then nods over at Sawyer, who's laughing with the bartender, keeping half an eye on Jack* He might be almost as young as you, but he's smart. His sire was dusted, oh, what was that, a week after he was turned? Not the brightest bulb in the box. So. *brightly* Do you know what you're singing yet?

Jack: *files away the bit about dusting after a week, as he responds equally brightly* Oh, I'm not singing.

Sawyer: *returns with their drinks, slinging an arm around Jack's neck, fingers tightening threateningly on the juncture of neck and shoulder* Yeah you are.

Lorne: *watches, amused. It really is Sawyer's own fault for cutting Jack so much slack and spoiling him so much since he's been turned*

Jack: *smiles pleasantly, but underneath is pure steel* No. I'm. Not. I don't sing. Ever. The worse singer that you've ever heard? Double it. Then triple it. And you still aren't even close to how bad I sing.

Sawyer: *getting a very dangerous look, still smiling, just as steely* It ain't about how good you sing, it's so he can do a reading. Tell him, Lorne.

Lorne: So this is what happens when an irrisistable force meets an immovable object. *arms crossed, hand over his mouth to politely stifle his laughter* He's your childe, sweetheart. You're going to have to sort this one out yourself.

Jack: *smiling even more sweetly, even though his eyes are getting darker and his stare more intense. He knows he's going to give in, he feels the childe-sire bond very strongly, but he's not going down without a fight. Actually, he'd go down without a fight - but he's not going UP on stage without a fight* I'm not kidding, Sawyer. I'm the worst singer you've ever heard. I can play piano just fine, but my singing sounds worse than a cat yowling in heat.

Lorne: Then you can accompany Mr. Tall Blond and Highlighted here.

Sawyer: What! Oh hell no. *glowers at Lorne, and then his childe. Softens a little, because... it's Jack* We could go to a private room, if you like... Right Lorne? *looks at the demon with his prettiest eyes, because... it's Jack.*

Jack: Wait! *wicked smile* You can get a reading if I play? And he sings. *wicked smile turns into an evil grin* I can hum a little while I play.

Sawyer: *looks at Lorne and shakes his head frantically*
Lorne: *not about to forget the 'kermit' remark, and it'd do Sawyer good to remember that he shouldn't spoil Jack as much as he does. Although he knows why Sawyer does it* You love playing? Put your whole heart out there when you do? *smiles* It'll be like a duet. *wide grin* Well talk it over kids, and figure out what you'll be playing.

Jack: *sidles up to Sawyer and plasters himself against his sire. In his huskiest voice he murmurs against his lips* You've got a really good voice. And I can play most anything.

Sawyer: *does have a certain reputation to maintain, even if, or because, he's so young, so leans in that extra millimeter and plunders Jack's mouth, a dominant, brutally claiming kiss that would leave anyone who needed to breathe breathless* Lemme guess, my country club doctor knows Billie Holiday?

Jack: *having won the battle, graciously surrenders himself to the kiss - and enjoys every brutal second of it. laughs at Sawyer's correct assumption* A little.

Sawyer: *dangerous smirk* Good. What a Little Moonlight Can Do, you know that one? *still smiling, a lazy, hot predator's smile*

Jack: *small, wicked smile* I've heard it. *brushes his lips across Sawyer's, then tips his head back a bit, baring his throat*

Sawyer: *doesn't actually feed, that would be a bit gauche to do in public, but does let his teeth graze lightly over Jack's throat, a reminder for both of them*

Lorne: Ease up you two! *amused, significantly* You two lovebirds decide what you're singing. *Gets a nod from Sawyer, and leads them up to the stage*

Jack: *laughs and rocks against Sawyer, letting him know he's turned on again, before he pulls away. After he's seated at the piano, Jack smiles slightly and looks at his sire, eyes dark with his intense desire*

Sawyer: *smirk plays at his mouth and nods at Jack to play, possessive pride all over his face when he smiles at Jack. Smiles at Lorne a little, and starts singing. Voice is a husky, golden baritone, and starts giving Jack significant looks and 'fuck me' eyes as he sings, flashing his baby blues towards the audience once or twice, but his whole attention is on Jack, on those long, graceful hands playing across the keyboard*

Jack: *matches bedroom eyes with bedroom eyes. Jack doesn't try to embellish the simple tune, but the subtlety of his playing conveys a very unsubtle message: that if they audience weren't there, when the duet finished, they'd be tearing their clothes off and fucking on top of the piano*

Sawyer: *finishes to loud applause, and drags Jack off stage and towards the bathroom before Lorne's even up there to give them a personal round of applause. By the time they're in the bathroom, don't make it to a stall, not even close, just slams Jack against the wall, face first, jerks Jack's jeans down, hands Jack the slick* Have yourself lubed up by the time I've got my jeans down *nothing like a time crunch*

Jack: *minimal slick, then* Do it, do it, do it. *voice an inhuman growl*

Sawyer: *lines up and slams in, one hand pinning Jack's wrists above his head, the other digging into Jack's hip. No words, just demonic snarls and cries, mindless with need, already achingly close. Curls his hand around Jack's cock and starts stroking as he sinks his fangs into jack's neck, exploding fucking everywhere, shattering with an inhuman cry*

Jack: *with harsh feline yowl, Jack's coming, whole body shaking, once again destroyed by his overwhelming desire for his mate*

Sawyer: *purrs, an intense growl almost as rumbly as Jacks, tongue lapping at Jack's neck* We should go out more often. *mumbled*

Jack: *smug, smug, smug at the volume of Sawyer's purring, his own body vibrating as he matches his mate's satisfaction* Mmmm....yeah. *just so agreeable after sex*

Sawyer: *smiles, purr intensifying for a moment possessively, hands moving over Jack's body soft and soothing* We should go back out there, hear what Lorne says... *in a minute at least*
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