jack_not_doc (jack_not_doc) wrote in sharp_kisses,

A Phone Call

The ring of Jack’s cell phone woke him from a deep slumber. Extracting himself from his mate’s embrace just enough to reach the phone, he flipped it open and answered with a sleep husky voice, “Hello?”

“Jack. It’s your mother.”

Where before Jack would have pressed his lips together in attempt to hold back a frustrated sigh, now he smiled with evil anticipation, even as he kept his tone resigned and dutiful. “Hello, mother.” With a wink for Sawyer, he asked, “what do you want?”

A long suffering sigh, then the accusation, “your father’s very concerned about you. Taking leave like that was very precipitous of you.”

Jack snorted softly, “actually, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but I finally got the incentive I needed to do it.”

“Oh really? And what was that incentive?”

Such a condescending bitch. “I’ve met someone.” He laughed with happy wonderment, the first sincere emotion he’d expressed to her. “Actually, I’d like to bring him home to meet you.”


Jack could feel her disapproval as a physical sensation, even across the phone. “Yes, him.” It was his turn to play the long suffering game. “I know that Sarah told you and Dad about bisexuality. And I know that you and he talked about how I’ve ‘just been hurting myself’ with my recent sexual habits. I had presumed, of course, that he reported back on our conversation where I made it quite clear that I’ve been sleeping with men almost as long as I’ve been sleeping with women.”

“Jack.” So, so disappointed.

“Mom.” A firm rebuttal.

Another sigh. “What’s his name?”

“David Thom.” At Sawyer’s startled expression, Jack smirks at his sire, once again letting his wicked delight shine through. “Although everyone calls him Sawyer. And before you ask, he’s a real estate developer.”

“I see.”

“Actually, no you don’t, which is why I’d like you to meet him. Perhaps we could stop by after dinner sometime next week.”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, mother.” For having just signed you death warrant. “I’ll see you then.”

“Yes. Goodbye, Jack.”

Flipping his phone closed, Jack tossed it away and sank back into Sawyer’s arms, he gave his mate a long and very self-satisfied kiss. “I’m going to enjoy toying with them.”
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