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Bloody Kisses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

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Space Vamp High as Kites [Aug. 2nd, 2007|08:35 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

Space vamps accosted by a Slayer and her WatcherCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2007|10:52 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

A last night of shopping before they leave LA, and who should they meet, but Drusilla…Collapse )
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Going to Caritas [Dec. 18th, 2006|10:32 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

A couple weeks after Jack's turning, the boys go to a demon karaoke bar....Collapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2006|09:06 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

Jack lay in bed, covered in blood, smoking a cigarette. They'd had fun last night. A lot of fun. With a contented smirk, Jack looked over at the twink bound by his wrists, hanging limply from a hook in the ceiling. The boy'd screamed so nicely. Too bad he'd passed out just after dawn. Not that Jack could complain too much. When it appeared the twink could provide no more fun for at least a few hours, Jack and Sawyer'd tumbled into bed, tearing into each other, fucking like rabid demons.

Scratching his stomach, Jack purred and ran his finger through a smear of blood. As he sucked on his finger, he moaned softly - sire's blood - better than anything. They'd slept for a couple hours, and now Sawyer was splashing around in the shower singing something Jack couldn't quite make out over the sound of the water.

Unfortunately, the water didn't drown out the sound of his cell ringing. When Jack saw his father's id, he sighed, and after one last drag, put out the cigarette before answering the phone. "Dad."


"What can I do for you?" His tone implied he could do nothing, but Jack did enjoy observing the niceties with his father, especially when they both knew the niceties meant nothing.

"You mentioned to your mother that you might stop by after dinner sometime this week. Tonight would be a good night."

Ah, command performance. Well, that suited Jack just fined. Sawyer and he had spent a couple nights playing poker with some of Sawyer's human acquaintances, winning enough for credibility, losing enough to keep the other players happy. Alibi set up and ready to go for when they needed it. "Eight-thirty all right for you, Dad?"

"Yes, Jack."

So condescending. His dad really had mastered the tonal put-down.

"I assume you'll be bringing your...boyfriend. Sawyer was it?"

As if his father didn't know. As if his mother hadn't told him everything about their conversation, and then some as his father quizzed her about all the details. "Introducing you is the reason for our visit." That and getting an invite into his parents house, but his dad didn't need to know that. Not now. Jack would, however, enjoy rubbing it in as he tortured his father. Perhaps at the same he discovered whether rubbing salt into wounds hurt as badly as the cliche suggested.

A weighted silence, then Christian asked, "how did you meet this...man?"

The shower turned off, Jack watched Sawyer exit the bathroom, steam billowing around his sire. Sinking further into the bed, Jack sent his mate a slumbrous look. "I met him down town one night, after work. We hit it off right away."

"I see."

No, Jack really didn't think Christian did. But he would. "Look, Dad, I gotta go." Sawyer looked far too clean. Jack considered it his duty to get him all dirty again. "We'll stop by after eight. See you then."

Not waiting for Christian's protests, let alone his goodbyes, Jack flipped the phone closed and tossed it onto the bedside table. Pushing the sheet down around his hips, until it barely hiding his cock, Jack smirked at his mate. "That was my Dad. He says we should stop by after dinner." Stretching, then settling his hands behind his head, Jack licked his lips. "You ready to meet the parents?"
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Reunion [Dec. 5th, 2006|01:46 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

In the rather far distant future, at a rather shady spaceport... Of all the gin joints on all the planets in all the 'verse...

Follow the bouncing spaceship...Collapse )
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A Phone Call [Nov. 11th, 2006|02:16 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

The ring of Jack’s cell phone woke him from a deep slumber. Extracting himself from his mate’s embrace just enough to reach the phone, he flipped it open and answered with a sleep husky voice, “Hello?”

“Jack. It’s your mother.”

Where before Jack would have pressed his lips together in attempt to hold back a frustrated sigh, now he smiled with evil anticipation, even as he kept his tone resigned and dutiful. “Hello, mother.” With a wink for Sawyer, he asked, “what do you want?”

A long suffering sigh, then the accusation, “your father’s very concerned about you. Taking leave like that was very precipitous of you.”

Jack snorted softly, “actually, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but I finally got the incentive I needed to do it.”

“Oh really? And what was that incentive?”

Such a condescending bitch. “I’ve met someone.” He laughed with happy wonderment, the first sincere emotion he’d expressed to her. “Actually, I’d like to bring him home to meet you.”


Jack could feel her disapproval as a physical sensation, even across the phone. “Yes, him.” It was his turn to play the long suffering game. “I know that Sarah told you and Dad about bisexuality. And I know that you and he talked about how I’ve ‘just been hurting myself’ with my recent sexual habits. I had presumed, of course, that he reported back on our conversation where I made it quite clear that I’ve been sleeping with men almost as long as I’ve been sleeping with women.”

“Jack.” So, so disappointed.

“Mom.” A firm rebuttal.

Another sigh. “What’s his name?”

“David Thom.” At Sawyer’s startled expression, Jack smirks at his sire, once again letting his wicked delight shine through. “Although everyone calls him Sawyer. And before you ask, he’s a real estate developer.”

“I see.”

“Actually, no you don’t, which is why I’d like you to meet him. Perhaps we could stop by after dinner sometime next week.”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, mother.” For having just signed you death warrant. “I’ll see you then.”

“Yes. Goodbye, Jack.”

Flipping his phone closed, Jack tossed it away and sank back into Sawyer’s arms, he gave his mate a long and very self-satisfied kiss. “I’m going to enjoy toying with them.”
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Beginning a Life [Nov. 8th, 2006|07:06 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

Sawyer spends the rest of the night watching over Jack.

He is not fretting, nor is he sulking, worrying, pouting, or whining.

He's just constantly touching Jack's cold, lifeless body, pacing -- though never far enough away to take his eyes off his childe -- and occasionally kicking the wall, just because it was looking at him funny.

Sawyer's never spent a longer day, living or undead, and he keeps obsessively checking the wounds on Jack's neck, the scratches on his body. They do look smaller, don't they? Magic of turning, and all.

Sawyer feels the sun set and stalks back over to the bed, glowering at Jack.

He is going to rise now, isn't he?

An hour later, he's still staring, and hungry to boot. But no way in hell is he leaving to find food, so he orders take-out Chinese -- door-to-door delivery -- and chucks the body out the window after sucking down dinner.

Sawyer sits on the bed, tapping his thigh restlessly, eyes burning on Jack's form. Something... nothing's changed in Jack's position, but Sawyer swears he can feel electricity zinging in the air, blood calling, and he moves a little closer to Jack, hand resting on the bed, brushing lightly against Jack's.
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Ending a Life [Oct. 31st, 2006|12:12 am]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

After leaving Sawyer at the hotel, Jack went to his condo and gathered a few things. Looking around at the barren living room, he realized that no matter how impetuous his decision to let Sawyer turn him, he wouldn’t miss his life. Certainly he wouldn’t miss the emptiness he’d tried to fill with an endless round of bodies that’d filled his bed since Sarah left.

Jack needed his life to change, and while becoming a vampire seemed a more extreme step than a trip to Phuket, Jack felt ready to reject everything he’d know to this point. A couple months in Thailand wouldn’t change his basic situation even if it would help him get some perspective. Besides, who’s to say Jack could take Sawyer to Thailand for a jaunt anyway. Not like Jack’d planned to enjoy the beaches, he’d wanted to go solely for the sex and gambling.

Driving back to the hospital, Jack fingered the bandage on his neck replaying images from the night before. He’d never ever met someone to whom he was so sexually attuned. Jack’d always liked it rough, and despite the health hazard, he’d always loved bloodsport. With Sawyer, he didn’t have to justify his desires. Sawyer shared them and then some. And after Sawyer turned him, they could indulge those desires for as long as their bodies held up. Jack laughed softly. Evidence suggested that their bodies could hold up for a long, long time.

As Jack entered the hospital, one of the residents did a double take, “Rough night, Shephard?”

Jack winked, “exactly how I like it.”

The resident looked taken aback, but Jack didn’t care. He knew the hospital rumor mill had spread the news about both his bisexuality and his enjoyment of bdsm. After all, Jack couldn’t particularly hide his lifestyle, not when he changed in and out of scrubs almost everyday in a relatively public locker room.

Knocking on the head administrator’s door, Jack entered his office, then sat down to make his case. After enduring Carl’s manufactured compassion, Jack asked for more time than he needed. Signing the documents, he wondered if Carl would be so accommodating if he knew that Jack intended never to return. But it was an idle thought. Jack didn’t care. Nor did Carl, not really. He’d miss the business Jack attracted and the fundraising benefits of having a handsome young “miracle worker” worker on staff. But personally, Carl didn’t give a rat’s ass about Jack or his mental health.

Jack stopped next at his office. But after a quick scan, he decided he didn’t need any of the crap he’d accumulated. The photographs he still had scattered around meant even less than his diplomas. On a whim, he pocketed a set of scalpels a sales representative had left for him to try. Jack thought about slicing through Sawyer’s skin, then licking the trail of blood, tongue teasing the sharp cut. He shivered, disturbed by the image and the intensity of the arousal it provoked. But then he remembered Sawyer’s face above him, rapturous as they fucked. He thought about Sawyer’s eyes turning gold, his visage shifting, and Jack’s cock swelled. He shuddered as he licked his lips almost tasting the blood he’d painted on his mouth, practically hearing Sawyer come with magnificent howl.

A knock on the door interrupted Jack’s daydream, and he hurried to sit behind his desk to hide his erection before he call for the person to come in. Jack barely suppressed a groan when his father entered his office.


“Yes, Dad?”

Jack almost snorted when he saw how taken aback his father looked at Jack’s appearance. Sawyer didn’t drain that much blood. But Jack supposed that his sexual escapades marked his face as much as they’ve marked his body.

“Carl mentioned that you’ve decided to take a leave of absence.”

Jack sighed, “Yes.”

“Have you been thinking about this for long?”

“For awhile,” Jack lied, “but I only decided last night.”

“We could have talked.”

Jack huffed with humorless laughter. “When? After I assaulted you? Or maybe we could’ve had a heart to heart after your drunken ineptitude murdered that woman?” He shook his head. “No, Dad, this decision’s my own.” Erection long gone, Jack gathered a few things from his desk drawers for show, then stood facing his father. “I’ll see you and Mom soon,” he promised, “but I need a few days for myself.”

Leaving his father in his office, Jack smirked to himself. Yeah, he’d visit his mother and father soon, but he’d bring a guest and they’d celebrate in ways his parents couldn’t even imagine. Humming under his breath, Jack picked up his pace, eager to see Sawyer again.
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And they meet again! [Oct. 17th, 2006|10:03 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

Tomorrow does come - and how!Collapse )
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Jack and Sawyer meet [Oct. 17th, 2006|11:00 pm]
Just a couple of devils in the city of angels

Coincidence? I think not! Jack and Vampire!Sawyer meetCollapse )
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