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Jack and Sawyer meet

Sawyer: *goes hunting one dark night in LA, and what should he find but a just-off-work doctor do-gooder. And fuck but Sawyer can smell the dark coming off him in waves. Starts hunting, moving quiet as a cat*

Jack: *too tired to think about anything other than going to get a drink and a blowjob, doesn't notice the man watching him*

Sawyer: *moves, vampiric fast, and gets ahead of Jack, leans against a streetlight casually, lights a cigarette. Stares at Jack with a blatantly smug look, wicked with a flash of dimples*

Jack: *stops surprised, but has to give the man a once over, fuck, he's hot. Still, for all that Jack wants to get off, he doesn't actually want to pay for it*

Sawyer: *smirks* Rough night at the office? *the guy's stopped, that's something. And even if he passes by this time, Sawyer's got his scent, and he's not about to let this one go*

Jack: *snorts, doesn't want to laugh, but something about the guy's tone invites it* You could say that. *and it had been - a brutal pile up on the highway - and a brutally high mortality rate despite his their best efforts. And maybe its the days events, or maybe its all the fucked up stuff in his private life, but Jack's behaving recklessly these days. So, he moves closer, eyes going dark with an intense surge of hungry desire*

Sawyer: *smirk goes darker, and he might not have been... this thing, long, but he's got enough control to keep his face smooth and human, though there's a flash of pure predator behind his eyes* Could make you forget. *and he could. Taste this guy in every way possible, and then he'd be dead, and wouldn't remember anything.* Let me guess... doctor? *drawls the word out, as though he couldn't smell the blood on him, a lot of people's. And they're not too far from the hospital*

Jack: *hard smile* I don't want to forget, I just need to make it feel real. *and why he's confessing this to some total stranger, Jack has no fucking clue. But there's something about this man that both attracts and repels him.* Good guess. *sarcastic, nodding at the hospital just half a block away* What gave it away? *and now Jack's about a foot away from the man, and fuck if he isn't even hotter up close. Stealing the man's cigarette, Jack takes a long drag. He returns it, eyes boring into the other man's* I'm Jack. *and again, Jack's surprised that he's even giving his name to this stranger*

Sawyer: *smirks* I got my ways. *leans in and inhales deeply, running his nose up Jack's neck. Fuck, he's never gonna get used to this, the smells the colors, all of it.* Sawyer *murmured, almost absently, mouth low and intimate and right by Jack's ear.* You want something real, Jack? *all the seduction of impossible, forbidden things, something very inhuman in his voice. Places the cig so delicately between Jack's lips, cupping his groin at the same time*
Jack: *when Sawyer's hand touches his cock, Jack hisses, already impossibly turned on and getting harder with every passing second. Another drag on the cigarette, then Jack's turning his head and running his teeth up that beautifully sharp jaw.* You offering something real, Sawyer? *Jack rocks into Sawyer's hand* Or something that'll feel really, really good?

Sawyer: Maybe *drawled with a smirk, and it means yes, rolls his fingers lightly. Ducks his head to Jack's neck again, tongue darting out to taste Jack's quickening pulse, not fearful, but aroused, the heat practically radiating off Jack*You need it to hurt a little a lot don't you? *voice low, full of promises* Make it real... make you know you're feeling it *beat* That you're alive *something a little wondering on that, because... fuck. He wants all of this guy, greedy as he knows it is.*

Jack: *dark laugh* You've got me pegged. *drops the cigarette and crushes it out with the toe of his shoe, threads the fingers of his now-free hand into the silky fineness of Sawyer's hair. Brushing his lips against he man's ear, Jack murmurs* What're you proposing? *and if Jack weren't so fucking turned on, and if the man's hand didn't feel so fucking amazing, and if his voice didn't just make him burn, Jack'd think twice about what he was doing and he'd certainly question why he's doing it right out in the open where any of his colleagues might walk by*

Sawyer: *dark smile, one hand still cupping Jack's cock, fingers long and rippling, the other hooking into Jack's belt loops and holding him close. The motion seems easy, casual, but his grip's as immovable as steel* First, I'm gonna take you into the shadows... *so dark outside the streetlight* And then I'm gonna suck you off... *dark smirk. And then he's gonna suck something else, sweeter still, pulsing just as hot* And then... *careless shrug* We'll see. *Having a little bit of a harder time keeping his eyes from flashing gold*

Jack: *groans and presses against Sawyer, rocking into his hand, wanting to grind against his cock, see if the other man is as hard as he is. First though and important question* Do you kiss?

Sawyer: *chuckles, a low, dark sound* Yeah. *squeezes Jack's cock, and yeah, he's hard, so fucking hard at the thought of Jack's cock and Jack's blood, all his* Gonna taste you everywhere, doc. *low murmur as he nibbles Jack's neck, oh so delicately, just human teeth and teasing tongue. For now*

Jack: Good. *inhaling deeply, getting as much air into his lungs as he can, Jack forces Sawyer's head up, and kisses him hard, holding nothing of his hunger back. It's a deep aggressive kiss that demands as much as it gives. Jack finally breaks it with a desperate gasp for air, but he dives back almost immediately, pushing Sawyer backwards toward the alley as he continues his brutal assault on his mouth*

Sawyer: *lets himself be pushed, even though he could easily overpower the... human. Because he isn't human anymore. Returns the kiss, hungry and hot, all roaming tongues. If his eyes were open they'd definitely be glowing, and it's taking every inch of control he's got to keep his face from shifting. Has always loved kissing, and now that he can chase the subtlest flavors of coffee, cigarettes, a lack of sleep, and Jack's pulse... groans, pulling Jack's hips flush and grinding hard*

Jack: *Fuck, fuck, fuck this is going too fucking fast, but Jack can't stop kissing this man, can't untangle himself, not when they're both so hard and grinding against each other with such delicious friction* Fuck! *Finally, finally, they're just within the shadows of the alley, and really they should move in further, but Jack needs to touch Sawyer's cock. Dexterous fingers undo belt, button, and zipper. Jack groans when a heavy cock falls into his hand. No underwear, and that just ratchets Jack's insanely intense arousal higher*

Sawyer: *shuddering groan, and he has to do something before he vamps out. Wants to keep the con this going for a little while longer, so bats Jack's hands away, maybe a little more sharply than he intends to, groaning* Said I was going to suck you. *twists Jack around and pins him to the stone wall by his hips, dropping to his knees and getting Jack's belt, zipper, button, open and fast, pushed down. Looks up at Jack with a wicked smile, eyes flashing a little gold, then sucks Jack down hard and fast and brutal, then pulls off with the thinnest, most delicate scrape of fang*

Jack: *head bangs against the wall as Sawyer slams him against it, he swears he's seeing stars. Dropping his head, he looks down at the man on his knees before him and he could almost swear there's something strange about his eyes, but then Sawyer's sucking him down just the way Jack loves it. He cries out, thrusting into Sawyer's mouth when the other man runs his teeth over Jack's cock* Perfect. Yes.....fuck.

Sawyer: *chuckles, almost fondly. Guy likes it like this, huh? Well then he's in for a hell of a ride. And fuck but the fact that Jack wants it like this, so badly, it drives Sawyer wild. Groans a little, repeating the motion, hard, fast suck down, then delicate scrape of fang coming up, so slow, almost coming himself from the sweet hot taste of precome and blood. Fuck! Hands dig into Jack's hips hard enough to leave deep bruises, and laves his tongue over Jack's cock greedily*

Jack: *Holy fucking Christ, but this guy knows how to give a blow job, and give a blow job exactly how Jack likes it* Yes....fuck......*Jack's tugging Sawyer's hair, not to guide him - how could he improve on such perfect technique, but just to give him back something for the brilliant sensation* Soon, fuck. Gonna come so fucking soon. *a whimper, a protest, a statement of fact*

Sawyer: *hums his agreement, his encouragement, an order for it to be now, and lets one fang catch the slit at the same time his nails dig into Jack's hips hard enough to draw blood.*

Jack: *comes with a harsh cry - pushed over the edge by the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. Slumps against the wall, held up only by Sawyer's hands, unable to process anything other than the impossible brilliance of his orgasm. And, fuck, Jack knows he's vulnerable. But its not everyday you get the best blowjob of your fucking life*

Sawyer: *sucks every drop, blood and come and fuck he's vamped out, coming in his jeans like a goddamn thirteen year old, but he's never ever (in his admittedly short life as a vampire) tasted anything quite like Jack, had anyone even before so fucking responsive. Holds Jack up until he gets his face back under control, ducking his head so shaggy blond hair falls forward. When he's got it back and is certain that Jack's only going to wobble a bit, and not fall, if he lets go, stands and grins easily, hoping there's not blood on his smile* Same time tomorrow, doc. *not a request, but a simple acknowledgement that Jack will be there. Already knows he's going to turn Jack, but he's a con, or was, anyway, and it'll be oh so much sweeter if Jack gives it up willingly. Anybody could take that, but Jack... he's going to be begging for Sawyer to take him to the other side before this is over*

Jack: *still dazed, but he's pulling up his pants and putting himself away, when Sawyer makes his announcement. Jack snorts with soft laughter, but doesn't disagree. Instead, he pulls Sawyer into another searing kiss* Sure. *he'd ask if Sawyer needs taking care of, but, well, it was pretty obvious that the blow job did it for Sawyer as much as it did it for Jack*

Sawyer: *because he could never resist temptation, cuts Jack's tongue ever so slightly on the edge of his fang, and moans at the taste of blood in the kiss, deep and feral and not-quite-human.* Tomorrow. *low growl full of promise*

Jack: *watches Sawyer saunter out of the alley, dazed. Touching his tongue he realizes he's bleeding, and he sucks his finger, wondering what the hell had happened, and how the blond had destroyed Jack's admittedly weak inhibitions. Shaking his head, he decides not to fret about it further, just goes home and takes a long shower, admiring the bruises and the crescent shaped cuts in his hips before he falls asleep.*
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