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A last night of shopping before they leave LA, and who should they meet, but Drusilla…

Sawyer: *puts a protective arm around Jack* You’re not allowed to go totally batshit on my mate *very steely look*

Dru: But he speaks to me. Such joyful darkness. *ruhh*

Sawyer: *soft, possessive growl, tightens his arm around Jack* He is at that, honey, but he's my joyful darkness.

Dru: *floats closer* So possessive. Just like my Spike was once before the evil Buffybeast.

Sawyer: *softens into a laugh at that* Yeah *not unkind smile, reaches out and strokes Dru’s hair* How you keeping, Dru?

Dru: Here and there. Such pretty starlight. Grandmum brightest of all.

Jack: *looks at Sawyer silently asking who is this batshit vamp*

Sawyer: *smiles and mouths 'later' for the full explanation, then kisses Jack's temple* Jack, this is Drusilla. Dru, this is my Jack. *dimpling smile* And you already knew that didn't you. *wicked grin* Grandmum, huh. Could stand meetin her. *knows of Darla, though he's never had the pleasure.

Jack: Hello. *sweet almost gentlemanly smile*

Dru: Pretty boy. Pretty manners. *leans in to confide to them* Grandmum likes snapdragons.

Sawyer: *grins* Snapdragons, huh. *a confiding whisper of his own to Dru* He does have pretty manners. Gets us some pretty dinners. *wicked smile at Jack, then back to Dru* How's Miss Edith? *because this will make for some interesting conversation, and he enjoys confusing the hell out of Jack, because Jackass isn't the only jackass in their relationship*

Dru: *laughs coyly and playfully bats Sawyer's shoulder* Bad, bad Sawyer. Leaving Miss Edith all alone to drink her tea. *perks up* Dinner sounds very sweet.

Sawyer: *all wide, innocent, who-me eyes* I did not! She said she was all done. Miss Edith's been tellin' tales 'bout me again, ain't she? *grins* 'Sides, I had things to do. *eyes flash towards Jack, with soft happiness* Now you want dinner, Moonbeam, an' you wanna see somethin' real nice... *sultry smile at Jack* Watchin' this one hunt's just a little piece of heaven.

Jack : *snorts, rolling his eyes, but leans in and gives Sawyer a kiss on the cheek anyway, before turning his head to smirk with smug happiness at Drusilla* He's a lazy sire who likes to watch. *fingers caressing the curve where ass meets thigh, suggests that Jack doesn't mind his Sawyer watching him - at all*

Dru: *stamps her foot and claps like a little kid* A show! A show! Miss Edith loves a show!

Sawyer: *chuckles and runs his lips up Jack's throat, tease of a reminder* Well then, you go get Miss Edith, Dru, and we'll figure out where we're gonna eat.

Dru: *giggles* Silly. Miss Edith sees everything. *slides between the boys and links her arms with them* Lawyers! All Latin, starch, and pretty lies.

Sawyer: *even though it's just Dru, still can't help the instinctive frown when someone comes between him and Jack, but then can't help but laughing, because it sounds like a fine dinner to him. Gives Dru a kiss on the cheek, then winks at Jack* Well, you heard the lady.

Jack: *also can't help the frown, but lawyers sound good to him - and Dru’s description as batty as it is, couldn't be more right. So he gives it a think, and looks at their clothes - yup, they could do it* There's the Old Bank. *an elegant former bank that's been converted into a hip but understated bar. They also allow patrons to smoke, and offer a range of cigars, which always makes Jack quite happy*

Sawyer: *rolls his eyes* You and your cigars. *but his smile is fond and sweet. Leads them to the car, and gives Dru an exaggerated bow* Milady's carriage *wicked dimple grin*

Jack: *shrugs as if to say - what can I say? Then gets into the back seat. He knows the hierarchy here, and doesn't mind*

Dru: *curtsies for Sawyer, all crazyfunplay. Once in the car, she runs his hands over the dashboard, grinning* Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Drive faster!

Sawyer: *laughs, although he smiles at his childe. For all the normal rules of hierarchy are pretty much worthless between them, his childe knows how to behave around other vamps, something that can only help them keep under the radar. And then just laughs at Dru, gives childe and the vampire a wicked, wicked smile, and drives faster, making that baby growl*

Jack: *sits back and enjoys the speed and ease with which Sawyer cuts through the traffic*

Dru: *acts like a kid with the best Christmas present ever - at least until she opens the next one*

Sawyer: *chuckles, and pulls a u-turn to get a parking place tires screeching.* We're here. *cat in the buttermilk smile*

Dru: Ooooh! Pretty pretty lawyer all in a row. Greedy greedy bankers. Money in their bags. Nighttime rules debts right out.

Jack: *raises his eyebrows at Sawyer - now THAT was a really fucking insane pronouncement. Who the fuck WAS this chick?*

Sawyer: *laughs* Couldn't agree more, moonbeam. *winks at Jack. Is it a testament to him not being all there himself that that almost made sense? Ah well. Will give Jack the full history after dinner*

Jack: *gives Sawyer a brief tongue tangling kiss, then pecks Dru on the cheek* See you soon. *as he heads into the bar his demeanor changes until he's indistinguishable from the other thirty something lawyers and bankers around him. Going to order a drink, he nods and smiles at a few people as if he knows them. Of course, he doesn't, but they smile back anyway as they wrack their brains trying to figure out where they've met him*

Sawyer: *slides his arm around Dru's waist and leads her in, smiling fondly as Jack mind-fucks the crowd like a pro* Gorgeous, isn't he? *murmurs*

Dru: *leans her head on Sawyer's shoulder as she sighs in appreciation* Like a tailor made suit.

Sawyer: *laughs, resting his cheek against her hair* Like that, yeah.

Jack: *gets his scotch and soda, and buys a thin cigar. After lighting it, he pulls his recently acquired blackberry out of his pocket and begins to scroll through it very intently. After a few moments the woman next to him makes an overture. Jack’s all earnest, sincere, polite, but with a quiet self-confidence enters into the conversation. Soon, he's laughing and blushing*

Dru: *kisses Sawyer's cheeky, then whispers in his ear* Tricksy tricksy childe. Naughty sire keeping him all to himself.

Sawyer: I'm greedy *wicked dimples, then more seriously* He's my mate, Dru. *because hell, Drusilla had been a better surrogate sire for him than his real one, even batshit crazy. And it's not like it's any great secret that they're a mated pair*

Dru: *pushes Sawyer back with her palm against his chest, then turns her touch into a caress* Light and dark. Matched pair.

Sawyer: *purely happy smile at Dru's words* Yeah. *looks over at Jack fondly* He always finds the best dinners. *chuckles, that girl's practically in his lap* Shoulda seen what we did to his parents after I turned him. *naughty grin*

Dru: Ruh! *predatory smile* Red dance delight.

Sawyer: *grins* mmhmm. *that's it exactly*

Jack: *puts out his cigar, and with a sexy fun kind smile holds his arm out for their dinner. Over his shoulder he winks at Drusilla and Sawyer, pure evil making his eyes sparkle. He walks her to the "car" that he's supposedly parked in the alley, but by the time she's figure out something is very very wrong, Jack's got her wedged between the dumpster and a brick wall, hidden from the street, gag in her mouth. Slicing her panty hose open with a scalpel, then a quick unzipping and he's fucking her without mercy. By the time Dru and Sawyer join him, Jack'll have come and they can feed.*

Sawyer: *god that sparkle in Jack's eyes just makes Sawyer impossibly, painfully hard. Grins wickedly at Dru when Jack leads the girl out, and pulls her along* A new party dress for Miss Edith says he's gonna already be fucking her by the time we're out there. *kisses Dru wickedly at the edge of the alley, then watches his childe with hungry eyes.* Save some for us? *smirkysmirk*

Dru: The very best dress from Paris. *agrees as she dances alongside Sawyer, such an evil, evil childe the golden boy had made*

Jack: *smirks over his shoulder, then pumps into their dinner a few more times, before coming with a satisfied growl. Pulling out, he smiles sweetly at Drusilla's who appears to be waltzing to some silent tune* In fact, I saved the first bite for Drusilla. *Jack steps aside for Drusilla and starts doing up his trousers*

Dru: *between one twirl and the next Dru shifts to gameface, then pounces on their dinner, sinking her teeth into her neck with happy growl. She takes a long drink, then offers the sobbing girl to Sawyer* Torts and tarts and legal briefs.

Sawyer: *kisses his childe hungrily while Dru feeds, pleased as hell by his childe's manners. He really doesn't want Dru as an enemy, either for himself or his childe.* And a Paris silk dress for Miss Edith *agrees, then takes a long drink from the other side of the girl's neck, still leaving enough for Jack. When he's done, shares the blood with his mate first in a kiss, and then offers her to Jack*

Jack: *kisses Sawyer deeply rocking against him, enjoying the feel of his mate's erection. A few swallows and he finishes off the girl, then tosses her drained body in the dumpster - another benefit of feeding in back alleys* There. *smug smirk as he slips his arm around Sawyer's waist* Any thoughts about where to go for the main course?

Sawyer: *laughs brightly, arm snug around Jack's shoulders* Insatiable. *murmurs before another nipping kiss. Grins at Dru* Can we invite ourselves back to your place, Moonbeam? We'll make it worth your while *wheedling grin with dimples, all charm and trouble*

Dru: I've got party favors. *wicked wicked grin*

Sawyer: *laughs* And if that just isn't an incentive... *grins at Jack wickedly* Well, whatcha think, doc?

Jack: *laughs and play bites at Sawyer's neck* I'm all for party favors.

Dru: Miss Edith does love her guests. *dancing toward the car* She promises not to disappoint.
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